James “Bonecrusher” Smith

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith competed in amateur fights while serving in the US military and working as a prison guard.  He turned pro at age 28 – losing his first fight against James ‘Broad-Axe’ Broad before reeling off 14 straight victories (12 KOs) including a shocking KO in his fight with undefeated British prospect Frank Bruno.

As one of the top contenders, ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith was defeated in title fights against Larry Holmes and later ‘Terrible’ Tim Witherspoon before earning the WBA Heavyweight Champion title from Witherspoon by KO 2:12 into the first round.  Smith went on to lose the title in his first defense against ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.

Smith was in and out of the ring through 1999 before finally retiring permanently.  Currently, James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith is an ordained minister who helps provide scholarships to high school students through his non-profit organization, Champion for Kids in Myrtle Beach, SC.

James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith vs. ‘Terrible’ Tim Witherspoon for WBA title:

James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith vs. ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson: